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Naturally, my favorite photo subjects are my children. I am sentimental. I don't want to forget anything about their childhood, and so I take MANY pictures of them, at each stage in life. This month was time for my baby's fourth month photos. She is growing up so quickly. I feel the photos I shot will be a good reminder to myself, and the rest of my family of Mya's happy and playful disposition. I think the photos really capture the sweetheart she truly is!

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I have been asked to participate in a fundraising tradeshow in November. I am really looking forward to this opportunity, and of course I'm in the process of preparing…scouring all my photo folders to search for the best of the best. In doing so, I came across these two pictures of my other two children. I find it depicts their personalities to a tee…which is what I strive to do in photographing my clients.


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Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing our friends and their sweet little girl. While the morning was bleak weatherwise, it turned out to be a beautiful fall afternoon. I love the wonder of little kids. This little girl found beauty and excitement in a pinecone! Her innocence was a nice reminder to slow down and enjoy all that is around me!

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Despite the rain, I met with this fun and busy family last weekend. Troopers they were, playing in the leaves and the rain…by the end of the session I'm sure we all felt right at home with the ducks and the muskrats swimming around in the pond. We were able to get some great shots, here are a few that I have been through so far! (click to enlarge the pictures)