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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing this two week old sweetheart. It took a little bit of coaxing to get her into a deep sleep, but it was worth the effort! There is nothing like a sleeping baby! I haven’t had the chance to go through many of them…but here are a few that caught my eye!

Now…these photos do NOTHING to make me feel finished having babies :)

Saturday was my first session of the new year, and what a way to start the year off for me! Lennox is a beauty! This girl, with one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes that I have every seen, will surely be the cause of a few sleepless nights for her daddy…especially when the boys start to come around! What a doll!

_DSC0081(1 )edit
Also…I have not received any nominations for my “pay it forward” ¬†quest. I have had hundreds of people check out this site since I posted my request…and I know at least SOME of you know a family deserving of a session. I am looking for a (local) family who inspires you! A family who is helpful, thoughtful and full of love. A family who may not think of getting family photos done, but deserves to showcase the love that exists between its members! I am extending my closing date…you have until the end of January to get these nominations into me, with a short story as to why they are deserving of my pay it forward reward! The winning family will receive my basic session sometime in the spring, summer or fall! Bring on the nominations!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a most wonderful, safe and happy holiday! Christmas is always so busy, it that you need a holiday, from your holiday! But here's hoping you were able to find some down time! 

These past fcouple of months have been sooo hectic for me and my family (my husband and Diesel, our K-9 "son"), as we are in the midst of building on our land, with the hopes of moving in this month. It always seems to take longer than anticipated, but them the breaks!

Boxing day, I did a family shoot, a chilly one at that! It was a change of pace, as there was no young children. Although the father did his best to act like a child at times, just to keep me on my toes. :) We shared some good laughs, despite the weather being a little brisk!


Family outside

Trac n ger  


Botwell glasses


Sharp snow