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I love photographing newborns, and I was able to photograph Megan at the perfect time. Here she is at 5 days new!

Isn’t she just a doll? ALMOST makes me want to have another one.
Now, just a note about newborns. I often joke with moms that I should be put on their “people to call from the hospital” list. This really isn’t far from the truth! ┬áThe BEST time to photograph these little angels is within the first 10 days. During this time they sleep so well that we can generally move them in and out of a variety of positions without protest. They are still all curled up, squishable and snuggly.

A recent maternity

May 21, 2009

A little while back, I did a maternity session for a friend. She has since had her baby (an adorable little girl) whom I was also able to photograph at a blissful 5 days of age. The baby pictures are to follow, as I am working like crazy to catch up on some grad photos. But I thought I'd post a few of these maternity shots, as well as a few of her 2 year old son.