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Last weekend was Kim and Darren’s wedding. After reports of possible rain, Kim and Darren were blessed with a very hot, and very sunny day. Which was a very good thing as the wedding was held outside on a ranch amongst the beautiful scenery of the badlands.

Being a farm girl, it was very fun to see the groom and his groomsmen all in jeans and cowboy hats. Darren’s horse “Horse” was very much a part of the wedding.

Kim looked radiant, and I loved the blue color pop of her flowers, laced with diamond-like stones!
Together, they were a beautiful and happy couple.

Thank you to both of you for inviting both Vanessa and I to share in your day. It was truly a beautiful wedding, and we wish you all the best!

Meet Joanne. This good friend of mine is due with baby number two in a few short weeks. She looks great, and we had fun simply playing during this session. I can’t wait until this little one is born! I have invested interest since I will be there as a doula when the little one decides to make an appearance. Can’t wait! Good luck Joanne!!


High School Senior Photography is huge in the states! Kids get their cap and gown pictures done with the school’s contracted photographer for the yearbook, and then book in with a portrait photographer for some fun, personality packed pictures. It is slowly ¬†catching on over here.

These sessions are so much fun, and they are definately something I’d like to do more of!
Meet Martine! This beautiful girl contacted me to take some more formal pictures of her before her grad. She has amazing eyes, and was an absolute joy to work with.
Congratulations Martine on reaching this all important milestone. Best of luck to you in the future!

The other day I had a really fun engagement session with Rae-Anne and John. Hawrelak Park is beautiful right now that everything is finally lush and green. We were surrounded by wildlife…ducks and geese and all their little babies. So adorable. Rae-Anne and I ran away a couple times screaming like little school girls as John protected us from the goose that had her momma bear instinct intact and decided to chase us as we were shooting by the waters edge. All that aside, they were a really fun couple. Rae-Anne has an infectious smile and John has a great sense of humor. I can’t wait until their wedding in October!


Wow! Is it ever nice to be heading outside to shoot again! Winter felt long. But, I was blessed with many beautiful children and families to photograph on those cold winter days and I am so grateful for that. Each session I have, I fall more in love with the art of photography and I am hoping to bring some pretty amazing things to the table in the future!

Meet the C family. We had a fun session at the park. This little sweetheart was a busy girl (as most kids this age are), and oh so sweet! Mom and dad’s love for her was very apparent. I really enjoyed my time with them in the warmth of the sun!
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