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You know it’s going to be a great wedding when you walk in the door for the “Getting Ready” shots, and the bride gives you a great big hug! From the moment I walked through her parents front door, Rae-Anne was simply beaming. Surrounded by close friends, I truly believe she enjoyed every moment of preparation for the day.

From mid-morning mimosa’s…


…to rockin’ out to 80’s music and a most delicious lunch, Vanessa and I truly enjoyed every minute of our time with the girls!!

Held at the Derrick Golf and Country Club, this wedding was stunning. While we had to brave the outdoor, frigid temperatures and even snow for the beautiful outdoor ceremony and for pictures, the venue was perfect and all attention to detail was well looked after.

Rae-Anne had a stunning bouquet filled with bold and vibrant fall colored flowers that simply popped!!

The two braved the snow in between sips of coffee and baileys to grab some formal shots.

There are so many more that I could post and maybe over the next couple weeks I will post a few more! Thank you both Rae-Anne and John for inviting us out to capture your special day! We had a great time!

Meet Miss B.
I was supposed to meet this little girl for a fun outdoor session, but alas…as seems to be happening more often than not these days…the weather got the better of us. So an indoor session it became.

This little girl was simply adorable. Adorable and serious. If only we knew what she was thinking during this session. I think we all looked pretty goofy trying to get her to smile! I decided to take the opportunity of an indoor session to pull out my daughter’s pettiskirt. And what girl wouldn’t look sweet surrounded by layers of pink ruffles? I can see a pettiskirt dress up mini session in my future…perhaps a fundraiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital? Stay tuned…

For now, here are a few more of Miss B in her pink goodness…

And of course…we need one of mom and dad! A beautiful couple indeed!

Thank you both again for coming all this way! It was a pleasure!!

We are currently still going to aim to have the sessions done outside at the Lions Campground. I will be setting up all my equipment over at the playschool in the event we need to move inside. I will me leaving a message on my voice mail if we DO move to the playschool, so please phone prior to your session for more up to date information regarding location. You may reach my voicemail at 780-221-0477.

Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

I love repeat clients! First, it means that I have done something right in order to keep them coming back to me. Second, I am able to watch families grow. Children grow up. New additions arrive. I get to know people just a little bit more with each session and it makes me feel so incredibly blessed.

Meet Jamie. Due with baby number two in a few short weeks, Jamie was one of my very first clients. She invited me to photograph her daughter when she was six months of age. I will be seeing this family quite a bit over the next year as I look forward to capturing some of the all important milestones of the baby’s first year!

Have I ever mentioned that I love babies? Especially new ones who sleep and let me move them around with little to no protest? This little guy, at 10 days new, was pretty near perfect. This family was quite simply a joy to work with. Mom even knit THE CUTEST little peapod and hat. Adorable. I will be seeing this little one a couple times over the next year, and I truly look forward to being able to capture some of those all important milestones with him!





This session was supposed to be outside…but we gave way to unpredictable Alberta weather and moved inside for the session. Rescheduling would have led to the same result…can you believe this snow? Aside from maternity/newborn and six month baby sessions, I try to do as much as I can outside. With room to run and play, I feel as though I am better able to capture the interaction between a family. My clients are able to forget that there is a camera around, and they can simply have fun!

Even when I do move inside with a family, I typically try to do some more lifestyle type photos. Because we actually shot this session in a dance studio (thank you Heather), this completely studio like session was a little out of the box for me. Regardless, I am pleased with the result and think I got some great captures. This family was a whole lot of fun!!









In the process of going through photos from a recent session, I came across this picture…


I’m not sure what it is about the photo, but I keep going back to it. Maybe it’s because even though I asked them to pose like this, I managed to capture a true tender moment between the two of them. To me…the picture is very real…

Just thought I’d share…more from this session to come!

Sometimes life gets busy. I know I spend a lot of energy getting through my everyday tasks. Sometimes I let relationships slide. Not because I want to…but because I have a tendency to think “there is always tomorrow”. This is certainly not a great way to think. This week I was reminded of the importance of old friends when I met with Kristin and her son.

I have known Kristin since I was born. Our parents were great friends. Though we lived a couple hours from each other, we have some great memories of showing cattle, building straw forts, going to WCC and snowboarding together. It had been a long time since we had seen each other. Too long. She was in my neck of the woods, and brought her three month old little guy in for a photo session and for a visit. We had a great time, and got some great shots!!




I have not known this family long…just shy of a year really, but I love them. First off, they are just fun! They are all about family, and to that I can relate!! Second, these girls are beautiful! The oldest is a sweetheart and has a little crush on my son. Their marriage 30 years from now wouldn’t break my heart!! The youngest is full of spunk. She is her own person, and I love that! I am thankful they asked me to capture some moments of them as a family. I am even more thankful we fit it in before the weather turned cold!!




Whew! It has been busy…and while I have been on the computer a great deal, I haven’t made it to blogging my sessions for awhile! It’s time to play catch up!

About a week ago, I was able to meet with Lennox and her family. I photographed Lennox sometime last year. She was about 6 months old, just learning to sit. She was a doll…with big brown eyes. Perhaps you remember her.

_DSC0081(1 )edit

She’s grown a bit since I last saw her, but she’s as cute as ever. We had a fun few hours in the beautiful river valley. She enjoyed playing in the leaves…and a few made it to her mouth! It was a nice afternoon indeed, and I thank this wonderful family for giving me the opportunity once again to capture some images!

Kleinsasser_ (13)

Kleinsasser_ (214)magicalbw

Kleinsasser_ (464)

Kleinsasser_ (308)

As a small aside, Lennox’s mom is a fabulous wedding planner. I was recently at a wedding in which she was the planner and the wedding was stunning and went off without a hitch!! I have never before seen such a relaxed bride. So…if you need an event planner, she is your go to girl!!