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The other day, I got the opportunity to take Vanessa’s maternity pictures. Game for anything, I really got the opportunity to play around and try a few new things! It was a blast, and this glowing mother to be looked nothing short of fantastic!!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job? Today I got the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. And I got to hold not one, but two brand spanking new sweet little girls? Does it get any better? What a day!

Today I was off with the opportunity to photograph Andra and Emera…two of THE sweetest little girls I have seen! At 17 days, they were PERFECT in every way. They slept like a dream, snuggled up to each other when I wanted them to and let me move them around however I pleased. I absolutely enjoyed my day with this family…it is always a pleasure to be welcomed into a home and I could feel the love and sense of awe that surrounds these little girls! They are very lucky!!