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May 21, 2010

The other day I went to see my Grandma! At 89 years of age, this woman simply amazes me. She still lives in her own home, and with help is able to maintain a beautiful yard that is the envy of town. She’s a wonderful lady.

For months…even years…I have been meaning to bring my camera down with me and do a full blown session with her. I want to take pictures of her hands, of her face and of her yard. Those 89 years hold a lot of stories and while I may never know all of them, I want to have some great images of my grandma. Something to be able to look at and reminisce.

I brought my camera with me the other day. And she didn’t want me to take her picture. Because she wasn’t ready. Which really got me thinking… if we were to wait until we were perfect, would we ever get our pictures taken? There simply is never the perfect opportunity. So, I explained to her that I don’t want THE perfect picture. I just want a nice picture to display in my home. Because I never know what might happen between now and the next time I’m able to make it down. And while she assured me nothing would happen, you just never know. With anyone. So, away she went to change into some different clothes and this is what I got…


I have always loved photography. I come by it honestly in that my mom was a photographer while I was growing up. The pictures that I have of my friends and family mean everything to me! I love the feelings they evoke, the days gone by of which I am reminded. If I lost my pictures, I’d truly feel as though I lost a part of myself. Rather than being decorated with random pieces of art (as beautiful as they may be), my home is decorated with the faces of the people I love. Because every time I look at a cluster of pictures, I can’t help but smile and count my many blessing. And that is truly why I do what I do. I love to make people smile when they see pictures of their babies, of their families and of themselves. I know that pictures will forever be cherished and I’m proud to be able to help capture those all important milestones.

I will be going back to do a full session with my Grandma. One in her yard once all her beautiful flowers and trees are in bloom. But until then, I know that I have a great image of my grandma, outside and completely feeling at ease…and for that I am thankful.

7 months…7 months of chubby, happy, cuteness! I photographed this little guy when he was a couple weeks new. Then, he slept like a dream! Now, he laughed and smiled his way through the whole session. I don’t think I’ve seen a happier little guy! Couldn’t you just eat him up he’s so cute?

This past weekend I was able to meet up with Wade and Ashley for their e-session! While I chat with the brides on the phone and through emails, a lot of times a client’s engagement session is my first contact with the groom and my first chance to interact with the future bride and groom as a couple. Wade and Ashley were so friendly, and so fun…it was like meeting old friends as we walked chatting about ceremoney/reception details. I’m really looking forward to their wedding in August!

I have been following along on I HEART FACES for awhile now, but haven’t quite made it around to participating yet! Well…this is the week that I will begin.

I love this image…to me it’s very tender and protective.

I hope all you mom’s had a fantastic day Sunday! Motherhood is the single most difficult…and rewarding job every and I believe all mom’s deserve to be spoiled!!