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Mr. A is a sweet little guy with such a personality. He is full of smiles. He loves his toys. He LOVES to stick out his tongue and even more so, he loves great music. The trick of the day to get him to smile? Singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. Worked like a charm, every time!

Here is a sneak peak of a few images from this sessions. I look forward to seeing him in another short 6 months as we complete his baby plan and celebrate his first birthday 😀


Wow…it has been a long time since I updated this blog which is unlike me in the professional world. This past fall was a crazy, busy one. I saw a little over 65 families and getting all the pictures edited and the galleries up kept me so busy that I just couldn’t upload to my blog. I will start posting some of my favorites from the fall over the next few days and with many sessions already in my books for this new year, I will be back to updating regularly. It’s going to be an exciting year for me with Head Over Heels Photography and I”m really looking forward that all this year will have to bring. First on the agenda for the New Year are Valentine’s Day mini sessions. I will be offering several days of these so book a session today and give your kids a unique Valentine’s day card to hand out to their friends.

I’ve known Brooklynn’s mom for a long time! We go all the way back to elementary school. I was thrilled to do Danielle’s maternity pictures, and even more honored to act as Danielle’s doula when Brooklynn was born. We don’t see each other often, but this little girl holds a special place in my heart. She is adorable…and happy…and snugly and I simply love photographing her! Her mom and dad are definitely smitten with her…and how could they not be? She’s a cutie!!

The Vlahos family is one beautiful family. Both kids melt my heart, and really know how to ham it up! We had fun running around, playing in leaves and climbing trees! Thanks again you guys for taking part in my mini sessions!Untitled-1

As an aside, this family (along with other family members) owns Leto’s in Lacombe. Before I had kids, my husband and I used to eat there several times a week. It is bar none, THE BEST restaurant in Lacombe. To this day, it is my favorite place to go! EVER! Go there! You won’t regret it!!

Unlike last year, this year we were blessed with three days of decent weather for the playschool fundraiser mini sessions. What a great time I had, and what support we had for the playschool!! Close to 30 families came out for these mini sessions. I think we got some great images and I can’t wait to do this again next year! Thank you so much to everyone who came out for this!

Meet sweet Bella! This little doll was so sweet and beautiful. And I mean BEAUTIFUL! Her parents are going to be in trouble when she is older! With amazing eyes, and a sweet smile, Bella kept three of us on our toes. Like a typical one year old, she enjoyed crawling away from the camera. And boy is she fast. And while she had recently taken a step here and there for her mom and dad, we were lucky enough to capture her taking what I believe were her first BUNCH of steps. It was awesome!!


I have had the pleasure of capturing memories for this family for over a year now. I first met them when their first girl was 6 months old, and have since seen a radiantly pregnant mom, the beauty of a newborn and now the fun of another 6 month old! Jordyn is a most adorable little girl. Identical in looks to her sister at this age, Jordyn has a beautiful smile and a slightly more serious side to her as well. She was a proper super model for me and I hope you enjoy the sneak peak into this session!

I love going back home, and one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world is Leto’s in Lacombe. It has a great atmosphere and even more amazing food, and I used to eat there more than I’d like to admit. And that is how I met this family. Meet Dina and George! With beautiful eyes and playful personalities, these two certainly know how to work the camera! We sure had a great time, both inside and out for this session!!

Wow! I can’t believe this little sweetheart is 6 months old already. I walked through the door expecting the little girl that I met when she was a mere 30 minutes of age…or the girl that I photographed when she was 6 weeks old. Instead, I was met with a smiley, interactive sweetheart who is growing up way too quickly!

I really enjoyed my afternoon with Brooklynn and her mom! She was pretty serious for us, and I’m sure people would have laughed at us and our attempts to get her to laugh! But, it made for a fun session!

7 months…7 months of chubby, happy, cuteness! I photographed this little guy when he was a couple weeks new. Then, he slept like a dream! Now, he laughed and smiled his way through the whole session. I don’t think I’ve seen a happier little guy! Couldn’t you just eat him up he’s so cute?