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A huge part of my love of photography is the fact that it is an ever evolving art form. Even once you have a solid base of the core skills involved in taking a picture, there will always be more to learn. I am committed to developing my skill and my creativity to become a better photographer. This involves getting out to shoot whenever I can. It also involves attending as many courses as I can!

Almost two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a Chill Session with Rob and Lauren. . I got in this session as a matter of pure luck…I was the first to email them back after another student had to cancel, and boy am I ever happy to have spent the day with them. In an intimate group of 10, these young and very talented photographers dealt out a wealth of information. The highlight during the day was heading out to shoot newly married Michelle and BJ. It was nice to see how these two interacted with their clients to get the “candid” expressions that I love so much. It was also nice to see how they made potentially mundane backgrounds (i.e. an elementary school) look like such pieces of art.

Here are just a few that I took from the session…I spent more time watching Rob and Lauren than shooting and I found it hard to get the angles I wanted with so many paparazzi trying to shoot Michelle and BJ.






They are definately urban and not my typical style…though I would love to do a few more urban type sessions in the future. It was fun…and I hope that Rob and Lauren come up with a “Chill Session Part 2”.

Thanks again guys! It was inspiring. I learned a lot. And it really was a whole lot of fun!